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Our Story

WeAreKombucha is a labour of love brought to you by Liam and Ed, two best friends with a passion for the craft brewing culture.


Having tried many different Kombucha's over the years, they decided to pursue making their own with the goal of staying true to the original brewing process and making the tastiest possible booch!


The three flavours of original, ginger and lemongrass are the result of many hours and refinements of small batch, authentic home brewing, using only the finest ingredients, responsibly sourced and crafted with care for you to enjoy.  

Image by ev

Our Team

Creative Director
Liam has always had a passion for all things craft (especially craft beer). When not in the 'boochery' you will find Liam surfing, or forever developing a broader pallet exploring different produce, with a weakness for a good IPA!
A lifelong foodie and lover of artisan drink and produce, when not in the 'boochery' Ed enjoys surfing, anything to do with the great outdoors, and has a penchant for pizza and a real achillies heel for all things cheese and beer!
Chloe has always had a love for both art and technology. Combining these two passions together Chloe helps to design the art style and astheic for our brand, as well as creating the eye catching pictures, vidoes and website that we share with you!



At WeAreKombucha, our ethos from the beginning has always been to produce a sustainable and environmentally friendly product from start to finish.


Our beautiful planet faces many challenges and with ocean pollution and the use of single use plastics causing untold environmental damage, we ensure that our brewing process and the materials we use are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Over the coming years we will be working with local charities to raise both awareness and funds to help this cause.


Below are just a few of the steps we take to ensure our ethos is maintained

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Our Cans

Our booch is canned using aluminium cans, a 100% recycable product.

Image by Spencer  Watson

Our labels

The labels on our cans are made from 100% biodegradable corn-starch labelling.

Image by Josiah Weiss


Our products are boxed for delivery with no plastics involved at all.

Image by sergio souza

Our Ingredients

The sugar and green tea used in our kombucha is 100% organic and responsibly sourced.

As a young business, we will always strike to improve in this area to ensure that we make a positive impact on the environment, so please watch this space for updates! 

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